Cirrus Tan - Bouldering, Castle Hill.

We have been wanting to do another climbing shoot for a long time (the last one was maybe in 2016?)

The Red Bull Illume Photo Competition was coming round again and thought that was a good chance to go out and finally get this done.

We got in touch with Julz from Further Faster (I gave a talk and both of us were on a Q&A panel about action sport and adventure photography in January and she’s awesome and the stores awesome and if you need adventure gear you should go there) and she put us in touch with Cirrus (, who she had met literally the week before - pretty random coincidence if you ask me!

Cirrus (and Joe) met us in Castle Hill on a beautifully sunny and warm Monday, with snow still on the ground from a few weeks earlier.

We got some pretty cool shots and Cirrus and Joe are both amazing climbers and really awesome people.

Super happy that we did this, thank you so much Cirrus and Joe - looking forward to the next shoot! ;)

Homemade - Elderflower Cordial.

I have wanted to make elderflower cordial for YEARS! It was always my first choice as a drink, I make the best lemon, elderflower and white chocolate truffles as Christmas gifts and the flowers are just so beautiful.

I had asked Dad not to cut down any of the Elder trees at my Grandma’s farm, so I could have a great selection, but those flowers will be round two of cordial, as they aren’t quite ready yet.

We have a park down the road from our house that we walk through quite often and after weeks of seeing all the flowers going to waste I took a bag and a pair of scissors down and have made two batches already - and there are so many more flowers just not being used!

As this was my first time making cordial of any kind, I found a recipe with the prettiest picture (this BBC Good Food recipe: and then I was away. I made a half batch first, just to make sure it didn’t taste bad. I took it to our Sunday potluck dinner and it was approved all round (with my friend Tina mentioning it needs gin, she wasn’t wrong). And now I have about 1/3 left of those first batches and another full batch almost ready for bottling.

I was going to link my truffle recipe (when I say my recipe… It was a Donna Hay one and she has since removed it from her website!) but instead you get images of all the flowers + my Elderflower, Lemon, Gin and Soda cocktail, the perfect almost summer drink.

Hollie Woodhouse - Helicopter Hill

We’ve been super keen to meet up and photograph the very epic Hollie Woodhouse for some time now. So when we finally nailed down a date we where fired up and really to get it done.

We chose the Craigieburn Forest Park for our location because the awesome vistas and native forest would make the ideal setting. And for an added bonus Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress on Instagram or here: )  tagged along for the shoot.

We met up at the broken river campsite and set out on getting up the hill. It's probably for the best but I always forget what it’s like chasing a pro athlete up a hill with a crap ton of camera gear. Once again I was reunited with the taste of my lungs. After telling everyone I was fine and didn’t need a break 400 times we reached the top. We were greeted with a super Arctic wind but an incredible view. We fantically had to find our warm clothes again because of overheating on the way up reasons. Then the cameras and we were in business!

Always a fan of starting at the top and working your way down. You get to have a quick scope on the way up and working and walking down hill is always the way to go. Plus you get extra points when you finish and arrive at the car at the same time. It’s the little things :P.   

The photos paint a good picture of the way back down so please enjoy!

Thanks Hollie it was such a rad day and it was awesome to meet you Liz. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Until next time.   


Autumn Porters Pass Mission.

It's been a while since we wrote a blog - I think the last one was in January, so thats like four months.. haha! 

We have been busy and will slowly try and work backwards through the series of images we have taken! There was a wedding in there, a family portrait session and some really fun running shoots!

Anyway, for the next issue of New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine we shot a bike review up around Craigieburn and Mt Cheeseman and there was quite a bit of snow... 

Like a lot of snow! 

It was so much fun, wading through all the snow and I even did a jump bodyslam into a bank of it - see below haha! 

The sunset was majestic over the mountains, lots of pink sky as the sun disappeared. 

We were soaking wet and starving by the time we got back to the car (but nothing that homemade burgers couldn't fix). 

All in all a really great day! 



2017 in Food!

As well as all the awesome mountain biking, yoga and landscape images we share normally, there is also some stuff we don't share (well, not all the time at least). 

At the end of last year I made a seperate Instagram for all the food/lifestyle photos to go - so they had a place just dedicated to them -

We had a pretty unexpected year shooting food images the biggest highlight being that we shot some images for Dish magazine! (see below)


So here's a little round-up of all the food related images we took last year! 

Mountain Biking - Matt Walker

Just before the year ticked over we meet up with Kiwi pro-MTBer Matt Walker and got some photos done. It's always awesome to shoot with riders on Matts level and as you could imagine we're pretty stoked with how they turned out and are looking forward to round two ;)

2017 recap!

2017 was a pretty amazing year, all things considered! 

The Christchurch fires were pretty close to where we live and directly affected where Nick worked and in the end meant the he made the decision to leave and do photography with me 100% full time - which has been one of the best things about 2017! 

We worked with some great new clients and some great old ones as well! 

We shot some really cool personal projects and worked with some amazing people, models and athletes! 

There were two Queenstown trips, we got a new 5D, Nick got an epic bruise... The list goes on (and there are many photos below!)

2018 is going to be bigger and better - like every new year, hopefully with some overseas travel and more adventures in general. 

Thanks to everyone that follows along with what we're doing. 

It means the world! 

Here's to 2018! 



Portraits - Josh & Deb

A few weeks ago we photographed our lovely friends Josh and Deb who are expecting their first child any day now! 

They wanted a shoot that wasn't too tacky and they wanted something outdoors - both are things that we specialise in. 

Josh and Deb are such chill and easy people to photograph on their own, but when you add a beautiful Christchurch sunset and their lovely dog Tank - that's the magic, right there. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful shoot and looking forward to meeting your wee 'mini-me' very soon! 

(We don't generally shoot a lot of maternity photography, but if this is something you like the look of please get in touch:

Yoga - Jess Smith

Last weekend I took part in the Wanderlust 108 "Mindful Triathlon." It was a 5K run (I ran at least half of it), Yoga and Meditation all in St Leonards Park in Sumner. It was 32 Degrees and it was awesome - I have never been so exhausted! (Heat related?) Anyway...

When I first paid my registration fee and started looking a bit more into the event, who was going to be there etc, I came across Jess and noticed that she was one of the Christchurch based yoga instructors who was going to be there. 

I loved what she did, so got in touch to see if she would be keen for photos - and here I am writing this blog post! 

We went to one of her yoga classes in the location we were going to be photographing her and the space was amazing! (I'll talk about the class in a sec) Mt Pleasant Community Centre looks out over the sea, it's all windows and wood and it is beautiful. Nick and I both had never been to yoga classes, I had dabbled in yoga at home but never in front of a group of people and a huge mirror. Jess was awesome, helped you when you needed help and didn't ever make you feel bad about not getting it 100%! Best teacher ever! 

The shoot was at 8am, the light was beautiful and we had the whole activity studio to ourselves. I still can't get over how amazing the space is and how great for photos it was! Nick was dead set on getting an image with great symmetry, which we nailed and I was really keen on detail shots, which we also nailed. 

I also shot a little video clip (which you can see on our Facebook page) just to try it out, video is not something we do a lot of, but are seriously considering creating little clips from each shoot that would be good for social media! 

For the second part of the shoot we headed to one of our favourite locations on the Port Hills, super secret spot, have shot road cycling, maternity photos, model test shots and portraits there before, so it's a well used spot. 

The best part is the small section of native trees and plants with a small path running through it. It was just bellbird after bellbird, it was just magic. 

Thank you so much Jess for such an awesome shoot! x 

Sophie C - Portfolio Model Agency

Last week we had an awesome shoot with Sophie from Portfolio Model Agency. 

It wasn't the warmest of days but Sophie was great at ignoring the cold and soldiering on!

The idea for the shoot was "sports lifestyle" - the lifestyle aspects around getting out and doing exercise, even when it's cold out. 

Sophie nailed the look and the photos aren't half bad ;) 





Cheap Gel Test.

We brought a set of really cheap gels for our flashes online. We have had them for a while and thought it was time to test them out!

We set up a studio in our lounge and took some shots! 

They are really good gels for the price they were haha! 

We had to stack the blue ones so that it was really vibrant, but thats easily done. 

What I did realise was how dusty our lounge is! The colours really pick up those dust specks... Makes for some great BOKEH though ;) 

Nick made me take this one... haha! 

Adventures - Mountain Biking in Hanmer

Winter can really feel like a black hole for mountain biking. Everything is wet and closed and the longer it goes on the more you want to just get back on the bike and hit some turns. 

One of our good friends Will floated the idea of a Hanmer biking day mission so off we went. 

I don't think we have ever been that cold on a ride before but I guess that's what happens when it's well below freezing. Everything was frozen to the point where the ground made a crunching sound under our tyres. 

The rising sunlight caught every bit of frost, turning everything to little diamonds. 

By the afternoon, after a mandatory stop at the Hanmer bakery for pies and a custard square, all the frost had turned to mud. 

Then the sun disappeared behind the clouds coming in and we were on our way home. 

We could almost pretend it wasn't winter! 

Queenstown III

And before we knew it we were there again. 

No camping this time, it was a family trip so we were in a house that had the most beautiful view over the town, the lake and the mountains. 

It was basically the perfect view. 

(All the photos of the fireworks and the sunrise shots were taken from the balcony!) 

We got there on the Friday night to the Winterfest fireworks and homemade spaghetti bolognese. We walked around the township and watched the sun slip off the tops of the mountains, as the purple waves got darker and darker. 

The next day was a whole lot of people getting cold in Lake Wakatipu - from undie runs to the birdman competition. We also had Ferg Bakery, Ferg Burger and Ferg Gelato :P 

Sunday was a cruise around, drink all the mulled cider and then we watched the Phoenix Foundation close Winterfest. 

And then on Monday we did the drive home. 

A short but very sweet visit. 

Until next time Queenstown... 




100 Portraits #24 - Ricardo

It's been over a year since I started this project - yikes! 

I was super optimistic that it would take too long to get this project done but things get in the way and stuff happens and here we are! 

From working on 10 different streams of people to slowly working my way through one...

Anyways, onto our shoot with Ricardo! 

This was probably the easiest shoot that we had. 

There were so many great photos, and everything just worked so smoothly! 

Ricardo, thank you so much! 

100 Portraits #23 - Sibi

We first met Sibi when he filled in for our Wednesday indoor soccer team when Nick hurt his ankle!

He is in NZ to do his PHD on injury prevention for cricketers, he is also a physiotherapist and an all round awesome person!

We had a hard time deciding on which image to use - opting for the more epic one, but you can see both here! 

Thanks so much Sibi! :D 

(Also, we are looking for more people to be in our 100 Portraits Project! So if you, or someone you know want a few sweet photos please get in touch: 

Queenstown II

After a random few months after the Christchurch Port Hills Fires we are back to blogging etc - we have been posting daily on our Instagram ( so we haven't been completely off the grid! 

We wanted to go away somewhere for Easter and decided instead of half-assing it and going somewhere kinda cool, we thought f... it lets go to QUEENSTOWN!

We were leaving on the tail end of cyclone rain and when we got to Queenstown it only rained at night twice and then was super sunny and awesome the rest of the time. It was so borderline camping in April, the nights were pretty cold, but nothing a bit of whiskey couldn't fix ;)  

It is such a beautiful place to be in autumn and we came back feeling actually relaxed - which was so great! 

It was so good to get away and it's taken me far too long to get this post up! 

All going to plan we should have some more epic stuff up soon as well as more 100 Portraits! 


'Hangry' waiting to order Ferg Burger faces! 

Portraits: Sam from Portfolio Models

I have had this idea for a shoot for a while now, as kind of a goodbye to summer. 

Originally, it was just going to a simple shoot with me as the model, but when Nick and I were brainstorming, the idea of using an awesome model seemed like the right idea. 

It really was!

Although it was absolutely freezing when you were out of the water, the water itself was beautifully warm. 

Sam was great, it's not easy to pose and look natural when you are freezing!

So happy with how these turned out - sunrise is also a beautiful time of day and I always forget that when you're in bed and its warm... 

Thanks so much Sam :) 

Holi Festival 2017

We have had mini Holi festivals in Christchurch before - but I don't think we have ever had one like this! 

As our first Holi festival, and certainly not our last, it was amazing!

Dancing to the most amazing Indian Pop Music while plumes of different coloured powder float up from the crowd every few seconds.

 It was really hard not to smile! 

I didn't take the "big camera" as its not that easy to dance with and didn't want it anywhere near the powder. Kyle let me use his iPhone (thanks Kyle) so I still managed to give into my FOMAS (Fear of Missing A Shot) a little and then took portraits when we got home! 

If you've never been to a Holi festival before, seriously consider it for next year! :D 

All the above images were shot on the iPhone 7, by Nick, Elyse or Me and below images shot on 5D by Nick and Me. 


Portraits: Cassidy from Portfolio Models.

I have such a soft spot for black and white studio portraits. 

I don't know what it is about it... It's just so beautiful.

These images of Cassidy are no exception - it's not hard to take great images when your model is this amazing though!  

(Also, debuting our new logo!)