Queenstown II

After a random few months after the Christchurch Port Hills Fires we are back to blogging etc - we have been posting daily on our Instagram (instagram.com/endeavourphoto) so we haven't been completely off the grid! 

We wanted to go away somewhere for Easter and decided instead of half-assing it and going somewhere kinda cool, we thought f... it lets go to QUEENSTOWN!

We were leaving on the tail end of cyclone rain and when we got to Queenstown it only rained at night twice and then was super sunny and awesome the rest of the time. It was so borderline camping in April, the nights were pretty cold, but nothing a bit of whiskey couldn't fix ;)  

It is such a beautiful place to be in autumn and we came back feeling actually relaxed - which was so great! 

It was so good to get away and it's taken me far too long to get this post up! 

All going to plan we should have some more epic stuff up soon as well as more 100 Portraits! 


'Hangry' waiting to order Ferg Burger faces! 

Portraits: Sam from Portfolio Models

I have had this idea for a shoot for a while now, as kind of a goodbye to summer. 

Originally, it was just going to a simple shoot with me as the model, but when Nick and I were brainstorming, the idea of using an awesome model seemed like the right idea. 

It really was!

Although it was absolutely freezing when you were out of the water, the water itself was beautifully warm. 

Sam was great, it's not easy to pose and look natural when you are freezing!

So happy with how these turned out - sunrise is also a beautiful time of day and I always forget that when you're in bed and its warm... 

Thanks so much Sam :) 

Holi Festival 2017

We have had mini Holi festivals in Christchurch before - but I don't think we have ever had one like this! 

As our first Holi festival, and certainly not our last, it was amazing!

Dancing to the most amazing Indian Pop Music while plumes of different coloured powder float up from the crowd every few seconds.

 It was really hard not to smile! 

I didn't take the "big camera" as its not that easy to dance with and didn't want it anywhere near the powder. Kyle let me use his iPhone (thanks Kyle) so I still managed to give into my FOMAS (Fear of Missing A Shot) a little and then took portraits when we got home! 

If you've never been to a Holi festival before, seriously consider it for next year! :D 

All the above images were shot on the iPhone 7, by Nick, Elyse or Me and below images shot on 5D by Nick and Me. 


Action Sports - Angie Petty

On Monday we had the great pleasure of photographing Angie Petty - who represented New Zealand in the Rio Olympics last year! 

It was great to catch up with Angie, we went to the same high school and it's been a while. 

She also brought her Husband Sam and their dog Tux - we have been photographing dogs a lot lately and it DOES NOT get easier haha! 

It was such a fun shoot, with plans to do another one in the near future! 

Thank you so much Angie, Sam and Tux :)

100 Portraits #22 - Stuart

After weeks of planning and rescheduling we finally got around to our shoot with Stuart! 

After the road we were going to shoot on was closed after we ended up on this small side road - which ended up being wayyyyy better anyway! 

The sun came out from behind the clouds right at the perfect moment. 

It was awesome!

Thanks so much Stuart! 

(There is an extra image here, I couldn't 100% decide on which one I like better!) 

And here's the bonus image: 

100 Portraits #21 - Kyle feat. Peach and Murphy

Kyle is Elyse and Basti's flatmate and the five of us play indoor soccer together on a Wednesday. 

This was the first time we met Peach and Murphy and they were so lovely!

We did have to bribe them with snacks though - see the picture below haha

Shooting in the Halswell Quarry dog park was hilarious as the dogs kept running off to meet new dog friends and a girl lost her keys and was in tears when we handed them back to her!

All in all, it was an awesome shoot! 

Thanks so much Kyle! 



100 Portraits #20 - Terry (and Felix)

20!? I can't believe we are at 20 already! It still seems like a crazy project idea that I thought wouldn't even get off the ground - like most of my crazy ideas that just stay in the brain vault. 

So far thw 20 people I have photographed have been so interesting and an absolute pleasure to photograph. 

Terry was no exception! His wife, Michelle, was number 17 in this project and pregnant when I photographed her! Flash forward a month and this is little Felix with his Dad. 

It's quite sweet and I think one of the coolest things ever!

Thank you so much Terry, I hope you like this photo of you and Felix :) 

100 Portraits #19 - Ian

After a small break we are back in full 100 Portraits swing! 

I have shot three sets of images this week with anothee one happening on Saturday evening! 

This is Ian, he's a surf life saver at Taylor's Mistake beach - which is where we shot both if these images! 

The studio image was a bit more difficult - with Nick behind the seamless paper holding it against the wind, which decided to come up the second we needed to shoot! 

We were super happy with the cloud formations - except for the fact that it was pretty cold! 

Thank you so much Ian, it was great to meet you! 


2016 is over and I thought it was only fitting to go through some of the shoots we have done and some really memorable moments. 

Note: This isn't everything, just what I could access quickly! We loved every single one of the shoots that we did in 2016!

From Castle Hill, Dunedin, Nelson and even a small trip to Melbourne in there! 

We started the 100 portraits project, photographed and wrote an article about awesome women who ride bikes, got an NZTMBR cover and met some really awesome people!

Thank you to everyone who was in front of our lens, gave us a chance or just gave us an Instagram or Facebook like - it means so much!

2017 is going to be more. More photographs, more adventures, more fun, more people. 

Heres to the New Year!

Kirsten & Nick.