Inspiration Monday #1 (on the new blog!)

WELCOME! Since before we left for our three week holiday in America... We had been discussing a new theme for the website was needed. We searched and searched but nothing screamed "oh! oh! please pick me!" So.. The next option was a complete new design and in this case a new platform as well.

Hopefully this means that we are more vigilant about blogging! 


Today in inspiration news I paid $22USD plus about $30USD in shipping for this AWESOME magazine last Wednesday. 

Photo from

It arrived this morning right before we were about to pick someone up from the airport. 

It's 96 pages are filled with beautiful, inspiring images from artists all around the world and it's just as inspiring as I had hoped and absolutely worth every penny!  

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This is the first magazine out of five - all of which I plan on purchasing in the future!

Hope you all have an inspiring Monday!

Kirsten & Nick

P.S. I really wish we were back in 35 degree heat in the US, it's 12 degrees and raining in New Zealand... OH and expect pictures from our trip in the next few weeks!