Inspiration Monday #3

On to week  3 of rain here in Christchurch and for someone that mountain bikes to let off steam, makes it a challenge to focus and to find Inspiration. What I have found myself doing is looking for the things I have wanted to do instead of being trapped in my house. So yes biking in a warm country.  

Sterling Lorence has always been a photographer I have followed and liked even before I starting taking photos myself. There is just something about his pictures that stand out for me and it's not just because they scream awesomeness! They really make me want to get out of my house and take pictures or dust my bike off and ride! As far as pictures go that's everything I look for in a photo. First they have to look good (that's a given) but more importantly they have to trigger something within the viewer making them connect with the image and as far as I'm concerned Sterling Lorence does this very nicely!       

Ether that our he shot a doco of mountain biking in Nepal...Come on people nothing is better than that!