Experimenting: Low Light, Fast Moving Canon 5d mk3 Testing

A friend of  mine (the guy in the photos) just got himself a shiny new Canon 5d mk3 and since they have been banging on about how good the new auto focus system is I was keen to try it out. Also we discovered this track and I wanted to shoot it...So guess what happened?   

So how did the Camera go? Well I'm happy to say that the new auto focus system is much better than the old 5d and having the 61 auto focus points was rather awesome! It could track in low light much better than the old model! It did miss focus from time to time so it's not perfect or it could have been me stuffing it up...na it must have been the camera. Even so it was rather good. So with the 22mp full frame goodness and 102800 iso I'd say it's the full package!