Adventure Sunday #2

Today we went to a Lavender Farm in Kaikoura with some of our friends, Toby and MJ! 

After an early-ish start (8am is early when it's your day off!) and a food stop we were driving through town and after about 30 minutes we were in the country and out of the cloud cover, into the sunshine! 

The Lavender Farm was out of Kaikoura itself - about 15 minutes away from town, and it was lovely! It smelt so nice!

Then back into town for lunch by the beach - where a wee dolphin was playing around!

We also went to a seal colony! We managed to find a seal and witnessed a lady getting very very close to said seal and getting a sleepy growl!


I (Kirsty) am not going to write a whole lot - exhausted after a wonderful day in the sun!