Adventure Sunday #5

I (Kirsty) thought we were just going to Arthurs Pass to look at some pretty trees and ferns and maybe see a few Keas... But the second we got in the car it turned out we were actually going to the West Coast to see the pancake rocks! 

We had two guests... Nick's cousin and one of his Japanese friends came too! (Jono & Erikah!)

This ment we had a new model to take wonderfully amazing photos of!

We sort of went the long way round so that Erikah could see as much as possible before she leaves in a week! 

Which ment Lake Brunner, Greymouth (hahahaha) and then finally the pancake rocks!

It was ment to be a speed trip and we would be home by 5.30/6 - but by the time we left the pancake rocks with icecream it was 4pm.... and getting home was getting closer to 8...


Oh well, here look at our photos of the day!