Those Catchlights....


This is the first image I got from my "Martin Schoeller ish" lighting technique that I mentioned at the start of last week. The catch lights aren't perfect - we don't have strip lights, so I had to modify some shoot through umbrellas to fit the purpose. 

And then there was positioning the lighting - being a self-portrait it was sit down, take picture, get up and check camera display - repeat.

I made a GIF of the test shots... ( I left the exposure and things as it was so you could see the process I went through to get this )


I had a lot of interesting  comments - looks like a mug shot, the face of a murderer, why so serious etc, but I really like the serious expression even though that is just my normal resting face haha. 

I was also going to shoot a picture of Nick as well but my ghetto lighting set-up didn't last. 

I hope you enjoy this - it was also my first time making a GIF with Photoshop! So easy!