Adventures: Mt Cook II

Our housemate, Hattie, is going to India at the end of the month. (for four months!!) 

She mentioned that she had never been to Tekapo before and that she wanted to see snow before she leaves and so before we knew it we were in Tekapo. 

We ate lunch at the observatory overlooking the township and lake:


Then after lunch we did the walk to Mt Cook. By the time we were coming back the sun had set behind the mountains and it was getting dark. 


After a lovely fish and chip dinner ( which we ate in the car because it was freezing!) we went to the shore by the lake and took this photo looking back over Tekapo:


We were so surprised that both times we have been to Tekapo and Mt Cook it has been sunny and the night has been clear.  A bit guttered that there wasn't more snow.

Maybe next time.