Adventures: Arthurs Pass.

Nick has always gone on about how he would love to do a hiking/adventure type shoot at a river near Arthurs Pass. 

I had no idea what river he was talking about. 

I put all my trust in him and said "ok lets do it!"

We roped in Will, got in the car and as her were pulling into the carpark Nick says: "I think this is it?" 

And we just went with it. 

We were just inside Arthurs Pass National Park. 

There were beautiful trees, a glorious river, epic mountains and lots of tourists taking pictures (it must be a beautiful spot then right!) ;) 

It turns out it was just perfect and we got some awesome images! 

EMP_Arthurs_ Pass01.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass02.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass03.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass04.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass05.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass00.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass06.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass07.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass08.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass09.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass10.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass11.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass12.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass15.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass17.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass14.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass18.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass21.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass16.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass20.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass19.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass22.jpg