After working on how we were going to tackle this year, it came to my attention that we needed to be sharing and blogging more photos and ideas. 

This is me trying to get started on that. 

We also have facebook, instagram and we have just started twitter!

Lets see how this goes!

Things we are loving at the moment: 


Ice with homegrown herbs! The sole reason why I started growing nasturtiums was so I could put the flowers in ice cubes and salads! The rosemary was a more recent thing  and came about through a cocktail I had at The Institution called "Dr's Orders" - which is rosemary, elderflower and gin! Amazing! 


Nick has a new trail bike! His last (yellow) Nukeproof had some serious cracks, so this was the warranty frame - just happens to be the same colour as Sam Hill's new frame (if you don't know who he is, he has glorious eyebrows and you should probably look him up!) as we found out yesterday!

Some honourable mentions go to:

- The weather! We had some many days over 30 degrees that I don't know what to do!

- The Institution - In New Regent Street, has some beautiful cocktails and craft beers, including one Nick had the other night called "Unicorn Piss"... Yep...

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday!