Family Shoot - with a difference.

This family is quirky and interesting. They pride themselves on being different and it's amazing! 

When I suggested trying something a bit different, for me, they were more than happy to be a part of it. 

There were three core ideas that revolved around things the family did normally. 

1. Being outside (this idea was a bit more vague but I wanted an outside photo)

2. Watching Movies.

3. Baking - Sarah makes the most beautiful cakes!

And this is what we got: 

There's nothing quite like animals and children to improvise and have a generally great time! 

(I couldn't decide between these two!) 

This was the last shoot of the day and man was it messy! Everyone really got into it, and there was no way I could have just picked one! 

After this the shoot dissolved into a food fight...

This is the aftermath! And I did help clean up! ;)