Action Sports: MTB Georgia.

We had been talking about photographing Georgia for the longest time and it finally happened! 

After driving on an extremely windy and narrow road to get to Taylor's Mistake, we wandered up the most beautiful path over looking the sea and Taylor's Mistake beach for some portraits in the pre sunset light. 

Then up Anaconda to start the riding shots - walking up Mountain Bike Trails makes you realise how unfit you actually are, when you thought you were actually at a good point of fitness! 

We tested the lighting set-up on a few unsuspecting riders and then we were away. 

Moving around Georgia and she rode down, hiked back up, rode down, hiked back up and repeated. Many times, until we  got a perfect selection. 

At this point the sky was starting to go a little golden, it was catching the grass and the top of the hills. 

The next shot involved more testing on unsuspecting riders, which were really good pictures for tests, and with a little photoshopping - no people standing round! 

Then, something that we were not expecting/even thought about happened!


There was a rainbow right where we had framed up the next shot! I could not believe what I was seeing! 

And the light was getting slightly pinker and the redder and then we ended up with golden light shots, then rainbow shots then sky-on-fire shots and we were fizzing all the way back to the car!

I love shooting a sunset! 

A+++++ Shoot! 

Thanks Georgia, for coming on that crazy light train with us :)