There's something super awesome about having your birthday on a public holiday. 

It happens every now and again, and this year was one of those years!

Nick and I haven't spent a full day of birthday together in a while and it was AMAZING! 

I get really excited about birthday's and do that stupid thing where you wake up super early for no reason haha! 

I was nervous about turning 25, it's a real age! 

Insurance is cheaper, it's close to 30 etc etc. 

I also spent 1 million dollars on these balloons, I'm going to stick with "it was worth it," because they were a lot of fun (and still remain to be, attached to the bannister of the stairs. 

24 was a great year and I'm sure 25 is going to be just as awesome! 

Sorry for my ramblings, and have some photos of me looking silly with balloons and some flatlays of my beautiful birthday gifts!