Adventures: Wanaka Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Nick and I started our drive to Wanaka. It was early afternoon and the sun was shining, we had road trip tunes and our bikes, ready to ride Wanaka! 

Nick's Mum had taken our tent, so when we arrived all we had to do, was move all our stuff into our tent. 

We ate dinner and walked 2 minutes to the mouth of the river and part of lake Wanaka. 

Such a beautiful day! 

Christmas day was a weird one - normally we are rushing around trying to see everyone, this year was lots of eating, sitting and then biking in Sticky Forest. 

It was 30 degrees or above everyday! 

Biking in Wanaka and Queenstown, trying to get into the freezing cold lake, BBQ dinners and lots of walks. 

On our last day we headed to the blue pools, so freezing cold, but so peaceful!

It was the perfect 4-day holiday, fingers crossed this year we can make it down there again  this year and spend more time exploring.