Action Sports: Ballet in the Port Hills .

I have wanted to photograph ballet for the longest time. 

My own experience with ballet is being 5 and freezing in the oldest hall ever, with no heating, butterfly wings during my only performance and then moving schools and the lady being not so honest and disappearing with all the money we had paid in fees with no lessons... 

But I have always had a secret soft spot for it. 

I photographed a demonstration for the Royal New Zealand Ballet last year at a mall, but that was a very different thing - it's hard to create a beautiful image with a giant "KMART" banner in the background! 

Ella was really amazing - this was her first photoshoot of this nature - ballet outside in the hills isn't really that common! 

It was a super sunny day, so we had to be creative how we used the sun. I always find having the bright sunlight in an image makes for something a little more interesting.