100 Portraits Project: #1 - Cory

I have a lot of ideas for projects. I mean, there's probably one big every month, and every week there are little project ideas. And I never do them. 


I have no idea, but that has all changed as of this week! 

I had an idea, and within two weeks was starting to shoot. 

It all started when I read this article on 99u.com: The 100 Person Project

So I had a brilliant idea to shoot 100 portraits

(It's technically 200 though, one studio portrait and one environmental/arty portrait)

But I wasn't going to pick all 100 people, I would pick the first 10 and then each of those 10 people would all pick one other person and then so the process goes until all 100 people have been photographed. 

This is two fold, I get to photograph new people I haven't met before and it's getting our photography work to a wider audience, which I think is really cool. 

I'm also excited to see how long/if one of the people I don't know picks someone I know without knowing. Knowing how small NZ is and in particular CHCH, I don't imagine this will take too long. 

The first portrait I did was my step-brother Cory. 

One black and white portrait in studio, one colour outdoor portrait. 

It's very interesting when people tell you about their history of being photographed and for most people it's either when they were babies/small children and photos of their family. 

People don't ever just go out and get photos done, I know when Nick and I try and take a proper photo together, normally it's just an iPhone selfie, it's a big effort.

Cory had the experience of only having professional photos done when he was a kid. 

He was the perfect first model and did really well in the outdoors photo, because it was windy and absolutely freezing - thanks Cory!

Hope you like your portraits!

(This was an intro to the project + Cory's two images, the rest of the blog posts shouldn't be this long haha!)