Yoga - Jess Smith

Last weekend I took part in the Wanderlust 108 "Mindful Triathlon." It was a 5K run (I ran at least half of it), Yoga and Meditation all in St Leonards Park in Sumner. It was 32 Degrees and it was awesome - I have never been so exhausted! (Heat related?) Anyway...

When I first paid my registration fee and started looking a bit more into the event, who was going to be there etc, I came across Jess and noticed that she was one of the Christchurch based yoga instructors who was going to be there. 

I loved what she did, so got in touch to see if she would be keen for photos - and here I am writing this blog post! 

We went to one of her yoga classes in the location we were going to be photographing her and the space was amazing! (I'll talk about the class in a sec) Mt Pleasant Community Centre looks out over the sea, it's all windows and wood and it is beautiful. Nick and I both had never been to yoga classes, I had dabbled in yoga at home but never in front of a group of people and a huge mirror. Jess was awesome, helped you when you needed help and didn't ever make you feel bad about not getting it 100%! Best teacher ever! 

The shoot was at 8am, the light was beautiful and we had the whole activity studio to ourselves. I still can't get over how amazing the space is and how great for photos it was! Nick was dead set on getting an image with great symmetry, which we nailed and I was really keen on detail shots, which we also nailed. 

I also shot a little video clip (which you can see on our Facebook page) just to try it out, video is not something we do a lot of, but are seriously considering creating little clips from each shoot that would be good for social media! 

For the second part of the shoot we headed to one of our favourite locations on the Port Hills, super secret spot, have shot road cycling, maternity photos, model test shots and portraits there before, so it's a well used spot. 

The best part is the small section of native trees and plants with a small path running through it. It was just bellbird after bellbird, it was just magic. 

Thank you so much Jess for such an awesome shoot! x