Queenstown III

And before we knew it we were there again. 

No camping this time, it was a family trip so we were in a house that had the most beautiful view over the town, the lake and the mountains. 

It was basically the perfect view. 

(All the photos of the fireworks and the sunrise shots were taken from the balcony!) 

We got there on the Friday night to the Winterfest fireworks and homemade spaghetti bolognese. We walked around the township and watched the sun slip off the tops of the mountains, as the purple waves got darker and darker. 

The next day was a whole lot of people getting cold in Lake Wakatipu - from undie runs to the birdman competition. We also had Ferg Bakery, Ferg Burger and Ferg Gelato :P 

Sunday was a cruise around, drink all the mulled cider and then we watched the Phoenix Foundation close Winterfest. 

And then on Monday we did the drive home. 

A short but very sweet visit. 

Until next time Queenstown...