Autumn Porters Pass Mission.

It's been a while since we wrote a blog - I think the last one was in January, so thats like four months.. haha! 

We have been busy and will slowly try and work backwards through the series of images we have taken! There was a wedding in there, a family portrait session and some really fun running shoots!

Anyway, for the next issue of New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine we shot a bike review up around Craigieburn and Mt Cheeseman and there was quite a bit of snow... 

Like a lot of snow! 

It was so much fun, wading through all the snow and I even did a jump bodyslam into a bank of it - see below haha! 

The sunset was majestic over the mountains, lots of pink sky as the sun disappeared. 

We were soaking wet and starving by the time we got back to the car (but nothing that homemade burgers couldn't fix). 

All in all a really great day!