Hollie Woodhouse - Helicopter Hill

We’ve been super keen to meet up and photograph the very epic Hollie Woodhouse for some time now. So when we finally nailed down a date we where fired up and really to get it done.

We chose the Craigieburn Forest Park for our location because the awesome vistas and native forest would make the ideal setting. And for an added bonus Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress on Instagram or here: https://youngadventuress.com/ )  tagged along for the shoot.

We met up at the broken river campsite and set out on getting up the hill. It's probably for the best but I always forget what it’s like chasing a pro athlete up a hill with a crap ton of camera gear. Once again I was reunited with the taste of my lungs. After telling everyone I was fine and didn’t need a break 400 times we reached the top. We were greeted with a super Arctic wind but an incredible view. We fantically had to find our warm clothes again because of overheating on the way up reasons. Then the cameras and we were in business!

Always a fan of starting at the top and working your way down. You get to have a quick scope on the way up and working and walking down hill is always the way to go. Plus you get extra points when you finish and arrive at the car at the same time. It’s the little things :P.   

The photos paint a good picture of the way back down so please enjoy!

Thanks Hollie it was such a rad day and it was awesome to meet you Liz. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Until next time.