Cirrus Tan - Bouldering, Castle Hill.

We have been wanting to do another climbing shoot for a long time (the last one was maybe in 2016?)

The Red Bull Illume Photo Competition was coming round again and thought that was a good chance to go out and finally get this done.

We got in touch with Julz from Further Faster (I gave a talk and both of us were on a Q&A panel about action sport and adventure photography in January and she’s awesome and the stores awesome and if you need adventure gear you should go there) and she put us in touch with Cirrus (, who she had met literally the week before - pretty random coincidence if you ask me!

Cirrus (and Joe) met us in Castle Hill on a beautifully sunny and warm Monday, with snow still on the ground from a few weeks earlier.

We got some pretty cool shots and Cirrus and Joe are both amazing climbers and really awesome people.

Super happy that we did this, thank you so much Cirrus and Joe - looking forward to the next shoot! ;)