100 Portraits #22 - Stuart

After weeks of planning and rescheduling we finally got around to our shoot with Stuart! 

After the road we were going to shoot on was closed after we ended up on this small side road - which ended up being wayyyyy better anyway! 

The sun came out from behind the clouds right at the perfect moment. 

It was awesome!

Thanks so much Stuart! 

(There is an extra image here, I couldn't 100% decide on which one I like better!) 

And here's the bonus image: 

100 Portraits #21 - Kyle feat. Peach and Murphy

Kyle is Elyse and Basti's flatmate and the five of us play indoor soccer together on a Wednesday. 

This was the first time we met Peach and Murphy and they were so lovely!

We did have to bribe them with snacks though - see the picture below haha

Shooting in the Halswell Quarry dog park was hilarious as the dogs kept running off to meet new dog friends and a girl lost her keys and was in tears when we handed them back to her!

All in all, it was an awesome shoot! 

Thanks so much Kyle! 



100 Portraits #20 - Terry (and Felix)

20!? I can't believe we are at 20 already! It still seems like a crazy project idea that I thought wouldn't even get off the ground - like most of my crazy ideas that just stay in the brain vault. 

So far thw 20 people I have photographed have been so interesting and an absolute pleasure to photograph. 

Terry was no exception! His wife, Michelle, was number 17 in this project and pregnant when I photographed her! Flash forward a month and this is little Felix with his Dad. 

It's quite sweet and I think one of the coolest things ever!

Thank you so much Terry, I hope you like this photo of you and Felix :) 

100 Portraits #19 - Ian

After a small break we are back in full 100 Portraits swing! 

I have shot three sets of images this week with anothee one happening on Saturday evening! 

This is Ian, he's a surf life saver at Taylor's Mistake beach - which is where we shot both if these images! 

The studio image was a bit more difficult - with Nick behind the seamless paper holding it against the wind, which decided to come up the second we needed to shoot! 

We were super happy with the cloud formations - except for the fact that it was pretty cold! 

Thank you so much Ian, it was great to meet you! 


2016 is over and I thought it was only fitting to go through some of the shoots we have done and some really memorable moments. 

Note: This isn't everything, just what I could access quickly! We loved every single one of the shoots that we did in 2016!

From Castle Hill, Dunedin, Nelson and even a small trip to Melbourne in there! 

We started the 100 portraits project, photographed and wrote an article about awesome women who ride bikes, got an NZTMBR cover and met some really awesome people!

Thank you to everyone who was in front of our lens, gave us a chance or just gave us an Instagram or Facebook like - it means so much!

2017 is going to be more. More photographs, more adventures, more fun, more people. 

Heres to the New Year!

Kirsten & Nick.


100 Portraits #18 - Emma

I am really starting to power through these portraits! 

Every one is so unique, different and fun and I love meeting so many new people!

It was SO WINDY for this shoot with Emma! 

I had to shout over the wind and we had to sort lighting accordingly, umbrellas and reflectors in that sort of wind are not a great combination! 

The light was perfect, the sun going behind the nor'west clouds and only coming out when we were driving home!

Emma was great! Such fun and dealt with the wind so well! 

Thanks so much Emma! 

And a few extra images as a bonus! 

100 Portraits #17 - Michelle

Michelle is such a lovely person and I'm very glad I got to meet her! 

She has 6 weeks to go until she gets to meet her little one, such an exciting time! 

I started with flash light, but the natural light coming through the window was just too beautiful - being naturally diffused due to clouds! 

We were just talking about how excited she is to meet her baby, when she looked back out the window :) 

Thanks so much Michelle! I hope you love the photos! 

100 Portraits: #16 - Hannah

There were clouds earlier in the day and my heart sank thinking it was going to rain! 

Luckily, they were short lived and the weather was perfect for this shoot with Hannah. 

It was shot in Little Hagley Park, where the spring bluebells have gone and the grass is waist high.

We set up the backdrop in the middle of the park - Nick was standing behind it so it didn't bow out too much. 

We then waded through the grass to get to the perfect tree for Hannah to sit under with her stack of books - all well worth the Hayfever! 

Thank you so much Hannah, we had such a great time! :) 

100 Portraits: #15 - Josh

Another image with Tank incorporated :P  

Nick and I had heaps of fun with this shoot with Josh. 

From realising a wedding photographer had stolen our carpark ( :P ) and seeing them shooting in the freezing cold wind while we were all rugged up. 

The weather was perfect for the moodiness in the clouds that I wanted. 

I have included an extra image too because it is adorable! 

Thanks Josh! 

And here's the bonus image! 


There's something super awesome about having your birthday on a public holiday. 

It happens every now and again, and this year was one of those years!

Nick and I haven't spent a full day of birthday together in a while and it was AMAZING! 

I get really excited about birthday's and do that stupid thing where you wake up super early for no reason haha! 

I was nervous about turning 25, it's a real age! 

Insurance is cheaper, it's close to 30 etc etc. 

I also spent 1 million dollars on these balloons, I'm going to stick with "it was worth it," because they were a lot of fun (and still remain to be, attached to the bannister of the stairs. 

24 was a great year and I'm sure 25 is going to be just as awesome! 

Sorry for my ramblings, and have some photos of me looking silly with balloons and some flatlays of my beautiful birthday gifts! 


Action Sports: Georgia

The last shoot we did was with Georgia - who we have photographed before, and have always got awesome shots with! 

It was another fun shoot and I love the images we got!

It has been such an awesome time photographing all these wonderful and awesome ladies! 

If you haven't yet grab a copy of the latest NZMTBR Magazine and give the article a read - I'm quite proud of it :) 


For, what I think, is the third year our flat has avoided where the actual fireworks were happening - New Brighton beach - and have opted for more of an overview of the event. 

We carry our moon chairs and hot chocolate up to Victoria Park - wrapped up super warmly, as November is still really cold. 

We laugh as we watch the crowds of people try to drive around the summit road, with car lights motionless as the traffic backs up. 

After 10 minutes (?) it's all over for another year and the traffic is slowly turning around. 

Action Sports: Ellie and Nicole

This was the second shoot we did for our series of awesome women who ride bikes!

This place has the best view - Living Springs track, that overlooks Lyttelton Harbour. 

Normally we shoot a single rider at a time, this was a new challenge! Trying to figure out how to get both riders in the shot and still have it be an awesome shot! 

Ellie and Nicole are such awesome people with great energy! 

So much fun to photograph! 

Thanks so much guys! :D 

Action Sports: Meg Bichard

At the start of this year Nick and I had been talking about an idea of an article we were planning to write. One about awesome women who ride bikes, something that would encourage other women to give mountain biking a go. 

By the time April rolled around, we finally got going on the article. I got in touch with Meg about a week before she was to head to the UK for the summer racing and we made a super last minute trip to Nelson to photograph her before she left! 

I had spent a lot of my childhood in Nelson, before I rode mountain bikes, so I had never been to any of the places Meg took us! 

We had such a great day! The weather was perfect, the views were amazing and Meg was such an awesome person to meet - with the cutest cat! 

The article was published in New Zealand Mountain Bike Magazine last month - and Meg was even on the cover! 

There will be another two posts about the two other shoots I did, but in the meantime here are some of the photos of Meg! 

Thank you so much for your time Meg, we had so much fun! :) 


"Lean Means creatively explores the sustainable ways we could regenerate our city with a night of colour, light and people." 

It was so much fun, so colourful and different - this is the second one we have been to, the first one we just stumbled on one night in town. 

A really great night out, that finished with apple crumble cider and listening to a DJ in amongst a plastic bag waterfall. 

100 Portraits: #14 - Deb

After a small pause, we are back into 100 portraits. 

Trying to sort and organise people takes wayyyyy longer than I had expected - of course! 

Deb's shoot was awesome - it was raining, but we managed to get a great shot. Tank was a great sport too! ;)

It was exactly what I had in mind! 

Thanks so much Deb! :) 

And here's a bonus image - it's too sweet not to put in! 


The last few days in Melbourne were ones Nick and I spent wandering the city, just the two of us. 

It was nice to slow down the pace a little bit and not have to be anywhere in particular. 

We wandered around parks, went to Haighs for Violet Creme Chocolates - the best - and the Little Cupcake shop! 

We walked around alleys and just as we were leaving town the rain came in! 


We recently spent a week in Melbourne - to surprise Nick's sister for her birthday! 

She has just moved there and it was such an awesome fun time! 

We spent the majority of it with family doing awesome things - think Aquarium, Zoo and lots of eating and drinking! 

Here's a first wee selection of images! 

100 Portraits: #13 - Vickie

I feel like momentum is gaining with the project again! 

This is Vickie, she was my Mum's pick for the project and she is a lovely family friend - our families have spent easters and Christmases together and it's always a lot of fun! 

She now runs the Cashmere leg of "Driving Miss Daisy" - which is a more personalised taxi service for the elderly: http://drivingmissdaisy.co.nz/franchise/cashmere/

Thank you so much Vickie! 

100 Portraits: #12 - Basti

It has been a while since I posted one of these - trying to organise 10 people for 10 portraits and organise the first 10 to pick people is quite difficult! 

Which makes it all the more satisfying and fun when one of these shoots finally happens!

Elyse picked Basti - who is her boyfriend and plays indoor football. 

This shot worked better than I could imagined - I love it when a shoot just all comes together perfectly! 

Thanks Basti, for your mad skills (and thanks Elyse for helping too!)