Homemade - Elderflower Cordial.

I have wanted to make elderflower cordial for YEARS! It was always my first choice as a drink, I make the best lemon, elderflower and white chocolate truffles as Christmas gifts and the flowers are just so beautiful.

I had asked Dad not to cut down any of the Elder trees at my Grandma’s farm, so I could have a great selection, but those flowers will be round two of cordial, as they aren’t quite ready yet.

We have a park down the road from our house that we walk through quite often and after weeks of seeing all the flowers going to waste I took a bag and a pair of scissors down and have made two batches already - and there are so many more flowers just not being used!

As this was my first time making cordial of any kind, I found a recipe with the prettiest picture (this BBC Good Food recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/531660/homemade-elderflower-cordial) and then I was away. I made a half batch first, just to make sure it didn’t taste bad. I took it to our Sunday potluck dinner and it was approved all round (with my friend Tina mentioning it needs gin, she wasn’t wrong). And now I have about 1/3 left of those first batches and another full batch almost ready for bottling.

I was going to link my truffle recipe (when I say my recipe… It was a Donna Hay one and she has since removed it from her website!) but instead you get images of all the flowers + my Elderflower, Lemon, Gin and Soda cocktail, the perfect almost summer drink.

Drink: Chai Tea

Carrying this bowl of spices to the studio was the best thing ever - the smell was glorious!

The smell difference between green and black cardamon pods is amazing - the black smoky, while the green are more fresh a slightly sweet smelling. 

The ginger had been frozen, so there are tiny ice crystals in it, all under the skin. 

The darjeeling tea we added was actually from Darjeeling - our flat mate brought it back after being in India. 

I love chai tea, but there is very fine balance between too sweet and not sweet enough. 

EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_001.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_002.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_005.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_003.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_004.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_006.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_012.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_010.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_009.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_007.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_008.jpg
EMP_Food_Chai_ Tea_011.jpg

Herb Pikelets with Bacon.

These are so simple and so yummy! I just took the sugar out of the recipe and added a small handful of herbs, paprika and pepper.

The top is a sour cream quenelle (you probably need a lot less, and it was my first attempt!) with a curly bit of bacon and topped with smoked paprika.

So tasty all together!



Curry Pumpkin Soup with Mixed Herb and Sea Salt Focaccia.

There is a certain someone in our house who has said in the past that soup is a "lunch food." The way I make it a dinner food is to add some hearty homemade bread and all is good. 

None of us, except Nick, really like pumpkin all that much. 

We have four of them in the cupboard at the moment - well three now after the soup. 

This was originally a recipe for curry pumpkin and chickpea soup. It has all that in it - except a lot more curry powder than would normally be in a curry pumpkin soup - to hide the fact that it's pumpkin. 

The bread is a lovely focaccia bread recipe that I used more than once with fantastic results. 

Soup and bread - a perfect winter dinner. 


Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

You know when you have those down moments at work, one thing leads to another and suddenly you are reading a food blog... You think to yourself "I have a kitchen blowtorch - I could totally make those!"

And thats what happened... 

I have been wanting to try my hand at some food photography for a while now and this gave me the perfect opportunity.

I found the recipe here - they are really easy! Just three different things to make ( the lemon curd, the lemon cupcake and the meringue topping!)

I usually hate my own baking but there were pleasantly surprising.

I loved them - and so did everyone else in the house. 


{ If you like me posting about food photography, please let me know - we are just really getting into this blog and want to fill it with awesome photography! And if you have any ideas for what you would like to see let me know too! } 


This is the set-up I used! Not highly technical, but the light was magical! 

This is the set-up I used! Not highly technical, but the light was magical! 

food-cupcakes-lemon 01.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 02.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 15.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 03.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 04.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 05.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 06.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 07.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 08.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 09.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 10.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 11.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 12.jpg
food-cupcakes-lemon 13.jpg
This isn't a great image really - you just had to see the inside! And by this point I was really hungry and just wanted to eat one! ;D

This isn't a great image really - you just had to see the inside! And by this point I was really hungry and just wanted to eat one! ;D