Inspiration Monday #16

There is something oddly inspiring about well made food.

This Spanish ice cream parlour has been created by one of three brothers whose restaurant has just been named best in the world!

(Which is how I came across it in the first place...)


It's well crafted and looks amazing! Worth a trip to Spain if you ask me ;D

See for yourself here:

(All images sourced from Google!)

Inspiration Monday #14

An early edition of Inspiration Monday, I am still sick in bed so there is no other perfect time...

First up is movie trailer that I watched - it looks so cool! Arty even! I can't really explain it... You'll just have to watch it :D

I also discovered a very cool Instagram feed (of all things)...

She's a pretty neat photographer and I think I went through more than half of her pictures in Instagram and she has a blog too...

And last... I found a Modelling Agency website that has all the models profile images and GIF's... So it's kinda creepy, but pretty cool too: - let me know what you think. 


Inspiration Monday #13

Red Bull is aways showing the rest of the world how it is done, they really make any sport/anything else they film look like the best thing ever! Guess this is the result of throwing massive amonts of coin at their media. It is really opening doors for the people that are either the athletes or the creative people filming or photographing. Red Bull you maybe a massive company that is out to make money but as long as you keep making sick stuff like this you are awesome and you can stay!  

Inspiration Monday #12

The Isle of Man TT is the most amazing and try insane race, in my view, I would love to shoot it one day (mostly because I'm to soft to do it myself). I found this short clip of some super slow motion race footage the other day and I didn't think it was possible but my respect of the race got even more. Check it out it's amazing  

And if you liked that you really need to see Closer to the Edge (doco about the race)

Inspiration Monday #11

I don't know what happened to last Monday...


I am a sucker for well designed anything! And when I heard of this game and saw this video I was happy to pay the six-ish dollars that it was. 

The game is called "Year Walk" - which is named after and based on an old swedish tradition where one would lock themselves inside a dark room with no food for a period of time that I can't remember... Then at the stroke of midnight on a day like New Years Eve, that was the most popular, they would stumble around in the dark - meeting all sorts of mythical creatures, end up at a church and then see what would happen in the year to come - they saw the future.

That was a very rough translation but here is what the makers of the game have to say about it! 

Let me just say that I don't do well with scary ANYTHING! And this game had a bit of that....

Lets just say trying to sleep after finishing the game was a little more difficult than it should have been.

Anyway! I was very inspired by this game and the free companion app you can download as well - which was just as fun as the actual game.

I was so drawn in by the story and the characters - that were based on Swedish Folklore.  

I also took some screen shots on my iPhone as I was playing .... 


Inspiration Monday #8

The Kirsty Edition:

I have two things to share with you today that are super duper awesome and slightly out of the ordinary i.e. not photo or video related.

The first are some pretty cool examples of HTML5! Something I really need to be learning I feel:

I won't ruin it for you, but it's worth checking out - looks cool on iPhone 5! 

And the designer's own website is pretty nifty! Especially the photo slide show option:

Jongmin Kim - his website is pretty much amazing! 

And onto the second thing...

An article about happiness/finding the meaning of life/your purpose in life and the story of a prominent Jewish psychiatrist and neurologist in Vienna in 1942... 

"On top of that, the single-minded pursuit of happiness is ironically leaving people less happy, according to recent research. 'It is the very pursuit of happiness,' Frankl knew, 'that thwarts happiness.'"

Read the article here!

Hope you all had/have a wonderful Monday!

Inspiration Monday #5

(Tuesday morning is still Monday right? haha)

Since I have been introduced to Studio Ghibli films (Howls Moving Castle, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Arrietty, My Neighbour Totoro etc) I have fallen in love with the art style! 

They're all such magical films and such a great inspiration to me!

These adverts combine three of my favourite things; cats, butterflies and Studio Ghibli...

They're cute, enjoy!


Inspiration Monday #3

On to week  3 of rain here in Christchurch and for someone that mountain bikes to let off steam, makes it a challenge to focus and to find Inspiration. What I have found myself doing is looking for the things I have wanted to do instead of being trapped in my house. So yes biking in a warm country.  

Sterling Lorence has always been a photographer I have followed and liked even before I starting taking photos myself. There is just something about his pictures that stand out for me and it's not just because they scream awesomeness! They really make me want to get out of my house and take pictures or dust my bike off and ride! As far as pictures go that's everything I look for in a photo. First they have to look good (that's a given) but more importantly they have to trigger something within the viewer making them connect with the image and as far as I'm concerned Sterling Lorence does this very nicely!       

Ether that our he shot a doco of mountain biking in Nepal...Come on people nothing is better than that! 

Inspiration Monday #2

Hello there from sunny Christchurch.... well it was mostly sunny for a little bit there! 

Just a short wee inspiration post here... Nick and I both have flu... Yay...

Two videos for you! The first one is by Andrew and Carissa for Kinfolk magazine (which may very well have to be a future purchase) and makes me think of our trip to America! It was so nice to actually have a warm summer! 

And the second video is "lightning captured and 7,207 images per second" and is very cool! Woo nature! 

See you next Monday for more inspiration type things!

Kirsten & Nick

Inspiration Monday #1 (on the new blog!)

WELCOME! Since before we left for our three week holiday in America... We had been discussing a new theme for the website was needed. We searched and searched but nothing screamed "oh! oh! please pick me!" So.. The next option was a complete new design and in this case a new platform as well.

Hopefully this means that we are more vigilant about blogging! 


Today in inspiration news I paid $22USD plus about $30USD in shipping for this AWESOME magazine last Wednesday. 

Photo from

It arrived this morning right before we were about to pick someone up from the airport. 

It's 96 pages are filled with beautiful, inspiring images from artists all around the world and it's just as inspiring as I had hoped and absolutely worth every penny!  

Photo from

This is the first magazine out of five - all of which I plan on purchasing in the future!

Hope you all have an inspiring Monday!

Kirsten & Nick

P.S. I really wish we were back in 35 degree heat in the US, it's 12 degrees and raining in New Zealand... OH and expect pictures from our trip in the next few weeks!