Thrift Store Challenge!

Hattie and I have done this sort of thing before...

We go to a second hand clothing store... (we went to two this time round)

And then we come up with an idea based on whats there, except this time I had it stuck in my mind that it need to be a jumpsuit and in the second store we found one! 

Then we came home, after a small frozen yoghurt break, and tore a hole in my brand new backdrop...

And got some hilarious photos! 

And the glitter aftermath...

Lifestyle Shoot: Gabriella from Portfolio Models

We had a super last minute, well last minute for me, shoot with Gabriella on Saturday. 

It was mostly overcast, with a small bit of sun every now and then - perfect conditions in my opinion!

Gabriella was so much fun to work with and didn't even complain when a wave of seawater ended up in her gumboots! 

Family Shoot - with a difference.

This family is quirky and interesting. They pride themselves on being different and it's amazing! 

When I suggested trying something a bit different, for me, they were more than happy to be a part of it. 

There were three core ideas that revolved around things the family did normally. 

1. Being outside (this idea was a bit more vague but I wanted an outside photo)

2. Watching Movies.

3. Baking - Sarah makes the most beautiful cakes!

And this is what we got: 

There's nothing quite like animals and children to improvise and have a generally great time! 

(I couldn't decide between these two!) 

This was the last shoot of the day and man was it messy! Everyone really got into it, and there was no way I could have just picked one! 

After this the shoot dissolved into a food fight...

This is the aftermath! And I did help clean up! ;)

Beauty Shoot - Sophie

I haven't really done any beauty studio stuff since I left study. 

I had an idea and a lot of paint powder left over from a shoot we did last year, so I put two and two together, found an amazing makeup artist Grace Pearce ( and set-up our garage studio. 

Sophie is from Portfolio Models and had an incredible unique and beautiful look. 

I wanted to get something so different from what we did last time and with the help of Grace and Sophie (and of course Nick ) we got something pretty awesome! 


Action Sports: Rock Climbing

After two shoots with professional models, we decided that we needed a different pace for the weekend.

Francis and Gert were more than happy to introduce us to "the cave" behind Barnett Park in Christchurch. 

Rock Climbing photos is not something we have never done in the past so it was very interesting to see first hand and photograph. 

Nick winched himself up on a rope so he could be at the same level as the climbers and we got some cool shots because of it. I have also included an iPhone photo at the bottom of Nick and the set-up!

Francis & Nick!

Francis & Nick!

PORTRAIT SHOOT: Jordan from Portfolio Models.

This shoot initially had a whole different feel to it - sunset in the background, lots of golden light... But true to form, when you want the weather to be sunny, it's really not. 

We had a great model, Jordan, who is from Portfolio Models here in Christchurch. He never complained about the rain, or the fact that we made him stand in wet grass!  

Action: Running Shoot with Melissa.

Melissa is a trainer and really into her sports so she very kindly agreed to be photographed. 

It was a perfect day for it, we were up in the clouds at the start and then in the sunshine for the rest of the shoot. 

She has the coolest colourful shoes - Love them! 

We had a lot of fun and the results aren't half bad. 


(Thanks Mel, hope you like them!)


Engaged: Renee & Quentin

A few weeks ago we have the pleasure of taking some engagement photos for Renee & Quentin - we're photographing their wedding in October! 

It was a beautiful day - the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. 

We shot along the Ashley River - which was quite nice! 

We had a lot of fun - thanks guys! 

Stayed tuned for the wedding pictures in October - it will be amazing! 


Portrait Shoot: Charlotte Rose.

On Wednesday we had an amazing shoot with Charlotte! 

(You may recognise her from our Facebook Image on Monday!)

We were lucky enough to be using a location that was filled with beautiful natural light. 

Charlotte was incredible! 

She was curious with an infectious smile :)

I had a lot of fun and am really happy with the images we got! 

Let me know what you think! 

Thanks Allister and Kellie for letting me photograph your wee girl! 



Adventures: Arthurs Pass.

Nick has always gone on about how he would love to do a hiking/adventure type shoot at a river near Arthurs Pass. 

I had no idea what river he was talking about. 

I put all my trust in him and said "ok lets do it!"

We roped in Will, got in the car and as her were pulling into the carpark Nick says: "I think this is it?" 

And we just went with it. 

We were just inside Arthurs Pass National Park. 

There were beautiful trees, a glorious river, epic mountains and lots of tourists taking pictures (it must be a beautiful spot then right!) ;) 

It turns out it was just perfect and we got some awesome images! 

EMP_Arthurs_ Pass01.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass02.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass03.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass04.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass05.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass00.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass06.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass07.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass08.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass09.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass10.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass11.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass12.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass15.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass17.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass14.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass18.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass21.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass16.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass20.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass19.jpg
EMP_Arthurs_ Pass22.jpg

Experimenting: Recycling Props.

In 2011, while I was still studying photography, we had an assignment where anything goes. We had to present a proposal to our tutors and run with it. 

I had this wonderful idea to incorporate candy into a series of beauty/portrait images. 

And I did:


I got three amazing portraits using three different types of candy. 

Sherbet, sprinkles and candy floss. 

The sherbet was thrown out straight after the shoot, it was pretty gross. 

The Candy floss sort of disintegrated - we used eyelash glue to stick it on and it kept eating through it. 

The sprinkles were ok though - not for eating - so they had been kept in jars in the cupboard. 

Until the next shoot... 

I had been thinking of this idea and finally got round to it! 


Hattie, who is in the sherbet photo and also lives with us, was my willing victim. 

The bath was the only place I could think of that would be able to house all the sprinkles without making a mess. 

I constructed a kind-of platform for the sprinkles to sit on out of cardboard and tape. 

Lots of tape. 

Hattie was lying on piles of towels and there were bits of tissue around her face to keep the sprinkles from falling. 

Of course it didn't work and there were small sprinkle waterfalls onto her shoulders and ears. 

Laughter - and then we got the shot. 

A bit eerie, but a success!  

Portrait Shoot - Family: Scott, Vic & Briony

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing this family ( you make recognise Briony from a shoot I did at the start of the year )

We went to Halswell Quarry and then to a beautiful pathway that was still dropping yellow leaves - perfect for a leaf fight and less posed session. 

(Aren't the expressions of them lying down beautiful!?)


Portrait Shoot - Hattie & Harrison

This is an idea I have had for a while. I have seen this style make-up before and our flatmate, Hattie, happens to be a make-up artist and a wonderful model! 

We had a test day, where she tried the makeup on me and then got right into it. She had to talk me through most of her make-up but all in all not bad! 

image 2.jpeg
image 4.jpeg
image 3.jpeg
image 6.jpeg
image 5.jpeg

Finding the location I had in mind was hard - I wanted a smaller alley way, but because Christchurch has a shortage of taller buildings it was quote hard. New Regent Street was the next best thing with it's beautiful old buildings. 

Portrait Shoot - Natalie

I have wanted to use paint powder in a shoot for so long. The idea of plumes of colourful clouds was always a happy one! And as usual my brain didn't think of the mess it was going to make until after... 

If you like our Facebook page you would have seen our awesome home studio - it's not perfect, but it really worked for this shoot! Anddd it's mostly portable! 

Taken on my iPhone. 

Taken on my iPhone. 

Natalie was our model for the day and she is a dancer! She was so much fun to work with and so enthusiastic! It was a real team effort with Nick and I working together with the photos and lighting, Hattie, our make-up artist, also helped with the throwing of the paint powder! 

I had an idea of six images going into the shoot, and to come out with images that kind of resembled what was in my head was pretty amazing! 

I like working really hard on a few images rather than trying to go through millions of photos! 


Here they are - please let us know what you think! 



And here are a few we took after... (Nick thought it was a good idea for us to know what it felt like to have paint powder thrown at us...)

Hattie, Natalie and Nick.

Hattie, Natalie and Nick.

This is me...

This is me...

This is the ground after - Taken with my iPhone. 

This is the ground after - Taken with my iPhone. 

Portrait Shoot - Abi & Cousteau

Abi was a teacher at my high school. She was never my teacher. We met through a photo blog site ( and became friends from then on. 

Abi and Cousteau are moving to Australia to live so I thought that getting some photos of the places they walk together was a good idea! 

Abi suggested their local beach for the shoot, and this is what we got!