Action Sports: Georgia

The last shoot we did was with Georgia - who we have photographed before, and have always got awesome shots with! 

It was another fun shoot and I love the images we got!

It has been such an awesome time photographing all these wonderful and awesome ladies! 

If you haven't yet grab a copy of the latest NZMTBR Magazine and give the article a read - I'm quite proud of it :) 

Action Sports (Kinda): Yoga with Gabriella.

You might remember Gabriella from a shoot we did a couple of weeks ago... 

While we were on that shoot Gabriella was telling us all about how she really wanted to do a Yoga shoot - which worked perfectly for me as I have been wanting to do one for a while! 

She was so great, it being winter and all! 

Luckily we got a great warm and sunny day. 

Action Sports: Rock Climbing

After two shoots with professional models, we decided that we needed a different pace for the weekend.

Francis and Gert were more than happy to introduce us to "the cave" behind Barnett Park in Christchurch. 

Rock Climbing photos is not something we have never done in the past so it was very interesting to see first hand and photograph. 

Nick winched himself up on a rope so he could be at the same level as the climbers and we got some cool shots because of it. I have also included an iPhone photo at the bottom of Nick and the set-up!

Francis & Nick!

Francis & Nick!