Landscape: Frosty Morning.

We have had two really super frosty mornings this month, one after the other. 

The nights are cold and the mornings are colder. 

I like the contrast in colour tones between the frost in the shade, and the frost melting in the sun. 

This will be the last month of Winter for Nick and I as we are off to Vietnam for the month of August! 

I am looking forward to the warm! 

Landscape: Night of D'Light

The "Night of D'Light" was part of a school holiday kids programme in the Christchurch Botanical gardens. 

It was something that could be enjoyed by everyone - Nick and I were having a great time! 

There were a few incidents of Nick swinging the tripod into me and then I dropped my glove - but we went back and found it!! 

It was really cool to see everything lit up like this! 

Action Sports: Rock Climbing

After two shoots with professional models, we decided that we needed a different pace for the weekend.

Francis and Gert were more than happy to introduce us to "the cave" behind Barnett Park in Christchurch. 

Rock Climbing photos is not something we have never done in the past so it was very interesting to see first hand and photograph. 

Nick winched himself up on a rope so he could be at the same level as the climbers and we got some cool shots because of it. I have also included an iPhone photo at the bottom of Nick and the set-up!

Francis & Nick!

Francis & Nick!

PORTRAIT SHOOT: Jordan from Portfolio Models.

This shoot initially had a whole different feel to it - sunset in the background, lots of golden light... But true to form, when you want the weather to be sunny, it's really not. 

We had a great model, Jordan, who is from Portfolio Models here in Christchurch. He never complained about the rain, or the fact that we made him stand in wet grass!  

Action: Running Shoot with Melissa.

Melissa is a trainer and really into her sports so she very kindly agreed to be photographed. 

It was a perfect day for it, we were up in the clouds at the start and then in the sunshine for the rest of the shoot. 

She has the coolest colourful shoes - Love them! 

We had a lot of fun and the results aren't half bad. 


(Thanks Mel, hope you like them!)