Inspiration: True Detective, Springtime & DH World Champs

It's been almost two weeks of spring and the weather has finally started to reflect this. 

I notice it most in the clouds. They aren't grey and puffy anymore, just white and wispy.

The sky is the most amazing shade of blue! 

We just finished watching True Detective - I don't normally like Matthew McConaughey, but he was really good. Also see The Dallas Buyers Club - he's good in that too! 

The intro was my favourite part (I have put a link down below!) 

Then we watched the Downhill World Champs in Hafjall, Norway. 

It was brutal, just when you think everything is going well, it's not. Or in the case of Neko Mulally he did quite well when everything was going bad. 

Josh Bryceland was looking set for the win when we took a jump to flat and broke his ankle - still managed to get second though! 

Just a selection of things from this week! 


The awesome double exposure into for True Detective. 

From Josh Bryceland's Instagram: @ratboy_bryce

Spring blossom montage. 

Spring blossom montage.