Lifestyle Shoot: Gabriella from Portfolio Models

We had a super last minute, well last minute for me, shoot with Gabriella on Saturday. 

It was mostly overcast, with a small bit of sun every now and then - perfect conditions in my opinion!

Gabriella was so much fun to work with and didn't even complain when a wave of seawater ended up in her gumboots! 

PORTRAIT SHOOT: Jordan from Portfolio Models.

This shoot initially had a whole different feel to it - sunset in the background, lots of golden light... But true to form, when you want the weather to be sunny, it's really not. 

We had a great model, Jordan, who is from Portfolio Models here in Christchurch. He never complained about the rain, or the fact that we made him stand in wet grass!  

Lifestyle: Interior/Exterior Houses.

I have taken photos of houses before - for selling/renting purposes. 

But never just because they are beautiful - although there are probably some somewhere on file from years ago. 

The problem with taking lots of photos all the time is that, no matter how good your filing is now, trying to find them becomes a mission. 

I took both sets of these photos in a day. 

They are very different houses, but they both have amazing character (and really cute pets!)