Easter is just around the corner, and no easter candy compares to the Cadbury Mini Egg. 

A crispy sugar shell, with a solid chocolate centre. 

Aside from the fact thats is more expensive than any other easter candy... Typical. 


Valentine's Day also happened this weekend just gone and (as well as the beautiful macarons in the previous post) there were beautiful, untraditional flowers: 

Excuse the iPhone photo...

Excuse the iPhone photo...

Honourable mentions this week

- Pulpy Orange Juice with Boiling Water. (There's been a cold going round out flat, and of course I got it, so the consumption of orange juice went wayyyyyyy up!)

- Volstead Bar. They had Peckhams Cider, beautiful wall art and a great atmosphere. 

- The Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony. We weren't there but we could hear Shapeshifter word for word at our house - Private Shapeshifter dance party + Fireworks. Amazing!

Hope your weekend treated you well (weather was a bit blah here!) and you had a great start to your week!