Experimenting: Recycling Props.

In 2011, while I was still studying photography, we had an assignment where anything goes. We had to present a proposal to our tutors and run with it. 

I had this wonderful idea to incorporate candy into a series of beauty/portrait images. 

And I did:


I got three amazing portraits using three different types of candy. 

Sherbet, sprinkles and candy floss. 

The sherbet was thrown out straight after the shoot, it was pretty gross. 

The Candy floss sort of disintegrated - we used eyelash glue to stick it on and it kept eating through it. 

The sprinkles were ok though - not for eating - so they had been kept in jars in the cupboard. 

Until the next shoot... 

I had been thinking of this idea and finally got round to it! 


Hattie, who is in the sherbet photo and also lives with us, was my willing victim. 

The bath was the only place I could think of that would be able to house all the sprinkles without making a mess. 

I constructed a kind-of platform for the sprinkles to sit on out of cardboard and tape. 

Lots of tape. 

Hattie was lying on piles of towels and there were bits of tissue around her face to keep the sprinkles from falling. 

Of course it didn't work and there were small sprinkle waterfalls onto her shoulders and ears. 

Laughter - and then we got the shot. 

A bit eerie, but a success!