Thrift Store Challenge!

Hattie and I have done this sort of thing before...

We go to a second hand clothing store... (we went to two this time round)

And then we come up with an idea based on whats there, except this time I had it stuck in my mind that it need to be a jumpsuit and in the second store we found one! 

Then we came home, after a small frozen yoghurt break, and tore a hole in my brand new backdrop...

And got some hilarious photos! 

And the glitter aftermath...

Beauty Shoot - Sophie

I haven't really done any beauty studio stuff since I left study. 

I had an idea and a lot of paint powder left over from a shoot we did last year, so I put two and two together, found an amazing makeup artist Grace Pearce ( and set-up our garage studio. 

Sophie is from Portfolio Models and had an incredible unique and beautiful look. 

I wanted to get something so different from what we did last time and with the help of Grace and Sophie (and of course Nick ) we got something pretty awesome! 


Portrait Shoot - Natalie

I have wanted to use paint powder in a shoot for so long. The idea of plumes of colourful clouds was always a happy one! And as usual my brain didn't think of the mess it was going to make until after... 

If you like our Facebook page you would have seen our awesome home studio - it's not perfect, but it really worked for this shoot! Anddd it's mostly portable! 

Taken on my iPhone. 

Taken on my iPhone. 

Natalie was our model for the day and she is a dancer! She was so much fun to work with and so enthusiastic! It was a real team effort with Nick and I working together with the photos and lighting, Hattie, our make-up artist, also helped with the throwing of the paint powder! 

I had an idea of six images going into the shoot, and to come out with images that kind of resembled what was in my head was pretty amazing! 

I like working really hard on a few images rather than trying to go through millions of photos! 


Here they are - please let us know what you think! 



And here are a few we took after... (Nick thought it was a good idea for us to know what it felt like to have paint powder thrown at us...)

Hattie, Natalie and Nick.

Hattie, Natalie and Nick.

This is me...

This is me...

This is the ground after - Taken with my iPhone. 

This is the ground after - Taken with my iPhone.