The Weekend 01-02 March

I was gonna do a round up of the "Things to Try" things that I had done during the weekend...

But of course I was sick so that never happened. 

It was the end of our summer... And the weather followed suit. 

Looking forward to some beautiful intense golden sunlight! 


And this morning our beautiful Queensberry frame and print arrived for our Facebook Giveaway winner - Sally Quickfall! 

Can't wait to send it to her this week! 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


Adventures - Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Hello all, It has been a while - but I think we are back. 

We have decided to end "Adventure Sunday" and not limit ourselves to just Sunday. 

Last Saturday we went to Mt. Cook.  

We were joined by Nick's cousin - who was visiting from Japan - and a Japanese student who was staying with his family.  

It was an early start, complete with a MacDonald's breakfast. 

It was fine all the way to Tekapo - where we stopped to show Yoko the church and the beautiful blue-green lake. 

Then it was another hour-ish to The Hermitage hotel, which doesn't look that flash until you are right there.  

Lunch outside on the balcony with a view of the snow capped mountains, before starting the trek to the lake at the base of Mt Cook.  

The walk was chilly to start with - but the sun eventually bet the cool air and it felt almost summery.  

A few stops on the way to the mountain to entice our inner children and play with huge sheets of ice.  

And then we were there.  

I had never seen Mt Cook up this close, and Nick hadn't been here since he was about eight.  

We were in awe of the mountains. 

The water was almost frozen, and there were ice bergs that had broken off the glacier at the bottom of Mt Cook floating around.  

We watched the sun sink below the snow and then decided it was time to move on.  

A Japanese restaurant for dinner - that was amazing and then off to see the stars outside the town lights. 

I didn't think they were going to be as amazing as they were.  

We had to take photos.  

Even though we didn't have a tripod and it was cooling off quite fast.  

I thought that star photos weren't that bad considering the camera was resting on the lens cap and a bunched up chocolate packet.  

The photos don't do the mountain air justice -  it was so fresh. 

It was nice to get out of the city for a bit.