Portraits: Sarah from Portfolio Models.

We photographed Sarah in summer - she had darker hair then! 

We thought we would try something that was the complete opposite - lighting and location wise - than we did last time, to go with the new blonde locks. 

Tai Tapu is such a beautiful place - with amazing views of the mountains, great fields and some amazing houses!

There were three sets of photos we went for - backlit awesome super bright, the big coat and sunglasses and the super lifestyle road shots. 

We also got photobombed by a duck haha!

Sarah is such a great person and an amazing model - we had an awesome afternoon! 

Thanks so much Sarah! :D



100 Portraits: #11 - Joanna

Joanna was Cory's pick for the next set of 10 photos! 

Joanna is a dancer so suggested that would be an idea for her portrait. We decided on the dance-o-mat in central town! 

Of course it wasn't working... So we had to improvise with a different way of lighting than we had planned. 

The photos turned out really great and it was the perfect clear night! 

Thank you so much Joanna, your dancing was beautiful and you were a perfect model! 


Lifestyle - Debbie.

When you're told about someone who has an epic and amazing collection, you don't quite know what to expect. 

Debbie's house exceeded all expectations!

It's a recently rebuilt house after the previous house was ripped in half by the earthquakes. There was a Batman room, one of the walls completely covered with a giant print, there is another huge comic strip print in the hallway and there are collectables in Marvel, DC and Star Wars all throughout the house. 

And that's not even getting to her closet! Filled with the most amazing dresses, cosplay costumes and shoes!  

Debbie is such a lovely person and also a breast cancer survivor! 

Such a great vibrant and passionate person. 

Thanks for letting me photograph you and letting us into your home! :) 

100 Portraits: #10 - Mike

This the the 10th image! I have photographed 10 people! 

This is also my Dad, and it was pure coincidence that he happened to have "The Orange Roughy" on hand for this idea. 

It, of course, was raining when we left the house to take this and was a real team effort for all four of us! 

From sorting the light, taking the picture, modelling and Sandra wonderfully keeping me dry. 

That't the easy part of the project done - the 10 people I know. 

Now moving on to those I don't know/there are still probably gonna be some people I know! 


100 Portraits Project: #9 - Sue

I have know Sue all my life, her son and me have close birthdays and she is one of my Mum's closest friends. 

She is such a fun person and every memory I have of her is the biggest smile and the warmest hugs. 

She has been through a lot and is such an amazing person!

Thank you so much Sue! I loved photographing you! 

100 Portraits Project: #7 - Stephen

Stephen is another friend who we met through Game of Thrones (Tina's Partner) and many other memorable nights - including an epic fried chicken night, epic Chinese food after soccer practise night and many more. 

While the bottom portrait isn't technically perfect - I think it really sums up Stephen haha (Nick is out of frame here ripping on him so he laughs!)

Thanks Stephen!

100 Portraits Project: #5 - Joe

Halfway through the first 10 in this project - Yay! 

So far it's been really fun an exciting! 

Joe is one of our good friends and used to work with Nick. 

He's a bike mechanic as well and has an awesome workshop at home! 

Thanks so much Joe! 

100 Portraits Project: #4 - Sally

This is my Mum! I don't really take that many photos of my family, so this was fun! 

There were several photos in this series where her cat was eating her hands, he's a bit cheeky and it was really funny. 

Then he jumped in the smallest hedge to be the centre of attention. (bonus cat picture below!)

It was such a great day - no need for making fake sun ;) 

100 Portraits Project: #3 - Pete

The thing about this project is the time it's going to take. 

In winter, things are a lot slower. Less light, more unpredictable weather - summer isn't actually that much better in terms of weird weather though haha. 

I don't want every portrait to be a night one, but I thought it was a great idea for this image of Pete - who is both our great friend and flat-mate and he's off to the UK until August! 

I had an image of him standing, but I like how different this image is. 

Something a little fun. 

Thanks Pete! :D 

100 Portraits Project: #2 - Alana

This was shot on a particularly wintery Sunday - the same day as the first images with Cory. 

This is my friend Alana and I was set on a super sunny happy image - just like she really is!

It was so super cloudy, so I had to make my own sunshine. 

Very happy with how these turned out! 

100 Portraits Project: #1 - Cory

I have a lot of ideas for projects. I mean, there's probably one big every month, and every week there are little project ideas. And I never do them. 


I have no idea, but that has all changed as of this week! 

I had an idea, and within two weeks was starting to shoot. 

It all started when I read this article on 99u.com: The 100 Person Project

So I had a brilliant idea to shoot 100 portraits

(It's technically 200 though, one studio portrait and one environmental/arty portrait)

But I wasn't going to pick all 100 people, I would pick the first 10 and then each of those 10 people would all pick one other person and then so the process goes until all 100 people have been photographed. 

This is two fold, I get to photograph new people I haven't met before and it's getting our photography work to a wider audience, which I think is really cool. 

I'm also excited to see how long/if one of the people I don't know picks someone I know without knowing. Knowing how small NZ is and in particular CHCH, I don't imagine this will take too long. 

The first portrait I did was my step-brother Cory. 

One black and white portrait in studio, one colour outdoor portrait. 

It's very interesting when people tell you about their history of being photographed and for most people it's either when they were babies/small children and photos of their family. 

People don't ever just go out and get photos done, I know when Nick and I try and take a proper photo together, normally it's just an iPhone selfie, it's a big effort.

Cory had the experience of only having professional photos done when he was a kid. 

He was the perfect first model and did really well in the outdoors photo, because it was windy and absolutely freezing - thanks Cory!

Hope you like your portraits!

(This was an intro to the project + Cory's two images, the rest of the blog posts shouldn't be this long haha!) 

Lifestyle: Castle Hill Snow.

The mission was to find snow, have an epic BBQ lunch and all the fun! 

It feels weird to me that it's finally winter after the weirdly warm autumn we had. 

I love the snow so so much, but I still can't wait for summer! I really struggle with the cold and rain...

Unless there are more winter adventures like this - then I might be able to really enjoy the cold! 

We had such an awesome day, great company, great food and of course snowball fights and making snow "structures." 

Lifestyle: Making Pasta.

The Winter weather has finally hit - I feel like we are being punished for how awesome the weather was during all of autumn! 

It rains most nights and the weather high is 9 degrees today... 

The last weekend we had was sunny-ish during the day and then back to the rain int he evening - perfect time for making pasta! 

I feel like we should have made it earlier, it always take longer than you think! 

But so delicious and worth it! 

Mix it with a cream, thyme, mushroom and bacon sauce and you have perfection! :D 

Action Sports: Ballet in the Port Hills .

I have wanted to photograph ballet for the longest time. 

My own experience with ballet is being 5 and freezing in the oldest hall ever, with no heating, butterfly wings during my only performance and then moving schools and the lady being not so honest and disappearing with all the money we had paid in fees with no lessons... 

But I have always had a secret soft spot for it. 

I photographed a demonstration for the Royal New Zealand Ballet last year at a mall, but that was a very different thing - it's hard to create a beautiful image with a giant "KMART" banner in the background! 

Ella was really amazing - this was her first photoshoot of this nature - ballet outside in the hills isn't really that common! 

It was a super sunny day, so we had to be creative how we used the sun. I always find having the bright sunlight in an image makes for something a little more interesting. 




Action Sports: Yoga with Kaleena from Portfolio Models

The weather was meant to be great, was actually a little bit freezing and so so windy! 

Kaleena was great! It's not easy to be that high up, that close to the edge... 

(there was no real danger, we weren't that close to the edge)

The cloud cover made for some really moody shots, which was perfect and I looove this location so much!

You can see the hills and the sea, it's just beautiful!

Adventures: Mt. Sunday/Edoras.

Long weekend = long day-ventures. 

I have a list of cool South Island adventures, for when we have a spare day that needs to be filled with something awesome. 

Mt. Sunday/Edoras is one of the things on that list. 

After loving Lord of the Rings so much, the fact that this place is so close, I feel bad for waiting this long to come here. 

Lots of back roads and 40 minutes on a gravel road. 

The most beautiful scenery and a small walk to get to the top of Mt. Sunday. 

It was so cloudy as we were driving in and a bit cold. The second we started walking up the clouds parted and we could see all the way up the valley. 

Such a beautiful day-venture :) 

Action Sports: MTB Georgia.

We had been talking about photographing Georgia for the longest time and it finally happened! 

After driving on an extremely windy and narrow road to get to Taylor's Mistake, we wandered up the most beautiful path over looking the sea and Taylor's Mistake beach for some portraits in the pre sunset light. 

Then up Anaconda to start the riding shots - walking up Mountain Bike Trails makes you realise how unfit you actually are, when you thought you were actually at a good point of fitness! 

We tested the lighting set-up on a few unsuspecting riders and then we were away. 

Moving around Georgia and she rode down, hiked back up, rode down, hiked back up and repeated. Many times, until we  got a perfect selection. 

At this point the sky was starting to go a little golden, it was catching the grass and the top of the hills. 

The next shot involved more testing on unsuspecting riders, which were really good pictures for tests, and with a little photoshopping - no people standing round! 

Then, something that we were not expecting/even thought about happened!


There was a rainbow right where we had framed up the next shot! I could not believe what I was seeing! 

And the light was getting slightly pinker and the redder and then we ended up with golden light shots, then rainbow shots then sky-on-fire shots and we were fizzing all the way back to the car!

I love shooting a sunset! 

A+++++ Shoot! 

Thanks Georgia, for coming on that crazy light train with us :)